Custom Home Magazine

December 2014

Custom Home Magazine, displayed our Banyan Drive Treehouse in its fall Design Awards issue. The project was selected as a winner for the category "Accessory Building."

Check out the online article, complete with images, here.



French publication, Home Magazine, showcases our Banyan Drive Treehouse this month in a beautiful ten page spread. Titled "Maisons Creatives", this issue features 15 delightfully inventive homes. (Pauline Warlet, December 2012) Download full article (791 KB)


In this week's issue of Los Angeles Downtown News, two "What's in My Loft" articles feature our El Dorado Lofts and Metropolitan Lofts as their owners showcase their stylish urban living. Also recently published in this same article series, was our 940 East 2nd Street Lofts, described by the featured owner as being "known for its three level units full of open space and quiet location."

Highlighted as Builder Magazine's Project of the Month is our Banyan Drive Treehouse! The article describes the construction challenge of this innovative project and how builder Tom Preis stepped up to meet it. Finished, it is now what Builder describes as "a hideaway to dream about."

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Our design partner, Christopher Kempel, AIA, was invited to write the preface to the international book Villa in Nature: Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability.  The publisher iFengSpace calls this volume a "visual feast" of the world's best residential designers. Our 33rd Street Residence is featured on the front cover and our Mandeville Canyon Residence is highlighted as well. (iFengSpace, 2011) Download Preface (1.5MB), 33rd Street excerpt (1.5MB), and Mandeville Canyon excerpt (2MB).

The French magazine Architectecture Durable, translated "Sustainable Architecture," specializes in projects that prioritize an ecologically conscious approach to design. This month the publication highlights two of our projects, the Banyan Drive Treehouse and Mandeville Canyon Residence. (Molitor & Madux, August-October 2011) Download Full Article.

Downtown News

April 2011

This week, the Los Angeles Downtown News takes a look inside the recently completed Metropolitan building. This front-page article explains the owner's love affair with this 1913 historic Broadway structure and why he sought the expertise of Rocky Rockefeller for his loft project. (Guzmàn, April 2011) Read Article Online.

Ville e Case Magazine

September 2010

Italian Magazine Ville e Case has revealed a beautiful article showcasing our Mandeville Canyon Residence, whose title translates "Excellence in Modern Design." We found this fitting, as our firm slogan concludes with those four words.  (Balestrieri, September 2010) Download Full Article.

SaB Magazine

August 2010

Slovakian magazine SaB, known for its international coverage of residential construction, is currently featuring the Banyan Drive Treehouse. The article's title translates, "Where Ideas are Hatched." (Štefancová, August 2010) Read Article Online or Download Full Article.

On Mondays the Los Angeles Times blog features a new home whose design is presented in the architect's own words.  This week it was our 33rd Street Residence, presented by Christopher Kempel, AIA.  (Harnagel, August 2010) Read Article Online.